Friday, June 24, 2011

What I Learned This Week

Well, I fully intended to blog the second I got back from NYC, but I spent Wednesday digging out from under and Thursday finishing a desk project in the home office... I knew El Presidente could only handle the upheaval of the office for so long!  Time well spent-- we love the results!-- but I neglected you all in the process.  Sorry!

Of course, it was a lovely time in the Big Apple with Ames!  I'll post the blow by blow of what we did over the weekend, but we were treated to beautiful (80 degrees!) weather and some new and different experiences for me.  Best of all was spending time with her in "girl world."

My People are at the beach with their dad so 3299 is strangely quiet.  Two stormy days also meant no yardwork and some good catch up time on projects around the house.  I've even embarked on a Ten Tasks in Ten Days challenge by my friend Cha Cha at Sit Relax and Read.  Hopefully this will jump start my efforts to right the ship at 3299 this summer.  If I can tear myself away from Wimbeldon coverage. :)

I did learn a few things this week!  Here you go:
  • A coat of paint can make a world of difference.
  • You can't go wrong with an easy breezy summer dress.
  • My Girl will most likely always be The Responsible One.
  • Waiters and waitresses in NYC are among the cream of the crop... professional, pleasant, polite, efficient.
  • I have a penchant for choosing theatre seats near other patrons who must sing along with the production numbers.  Really?
  • Theatre etiquette is MIA.  More on this later. :)
  • A good idea is sometimes all it takes.
If you've missed it, Southern Living magazine is featuring Lake Rabun as one of the best lakes in the South this month.  They're late to the party in my opinion, but it's still fun to see it written up.  You can read tidbits online HERE.  We d;ned at the Lake Rabun Inn this last trip and it was a delightful meal with live music and lots of ambience... just in case you're ever in the area.

And from my trip, I snapped this photo of the old water towers from the streets of SoHo... such a cool juxtaposition!

More gifts...

561.  Easter Egg dot-to-dots

562.  Teachers, voices whispering prayers.
563.  Twin boys, faces smeared with chocolate.
564.  Joint birthday celebration for brothers.
565.  Cupcakes with towering frosting.
566.  Scavenger hunt creation.
567.  Sausage sizzling.
568.  My Girl, Elite Senior Award.
569.  Words honoring her committment and integrity and academics.
570.  Tween, cavity-free, jaunty smile.
571.  Celebrating birthday of a friend.
572.  Time with the older generation.
573.  Long day ended.
574.  Few minutes stolen with my book.
575.  Relief of eyes closed.
576.  "Soli Deo Gloria" ~ to God alone be the Glory... Johann Sebastian Bach
577.  Notes to Him on masterpieces.
578.  Using creative gifts to praise.
579.  Prayers of friends, hands clasping, hearts melding.
580.  Courage of confession of troubles.
581.  Being strength for one another.

Have a great weekend, y'all... the NYC run down and recent reads coming soon!

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Pamela Hutchins said...

I was wondering how your annual NYC trip went! Glad you had fun!!